March 6, 2021

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Live updates: AstraZeneca vaccine shows strong effect against coronavirus with just one dose

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Pharmacies to get the coronavirus vaccines directly, says White House

By Amy Goldstein, Laurie McGinley, Lenny Bernstein and Lena H. Sun

Several thousand pharmacies across the United States will start to receive direct shipments of coronavirus vaccine next week in the first phase of a strategy intended to simplify the ability to get shots, White House officials said Tuesday.

Jeff Zients, coordinator of the White House’s coronavirus response, said the 1 million doses that will be sent to pharmacies starting Feb. 11 come on top of a modest increase in vaccine allocations to states that is beginning this week.

And to help states cope with financial burdens created by the pandemic, Zients said, the government will reimburse them retroactively for emergency expenses associated with fighting the public health crisis, including the purchase of masks and gloves, and the mobilization of the National Guard.