October 24, 2020

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‘Incredible What They’re Doing,’ Johnson Says of Vaccine Team

The incidents that were seeing in the cases really sort of corresponds to pretty much where we thought we were. And to be frank, I think the slightly lower numbers that we’d seen, you know, didn’t really reflect where we thought the disease was likely to go. So I think it’s — these numbers are realistic. The crucial thing is that in the next few days, week, we will see more clearly whether some of the restrictions that we’ve put in, the extra enforcement of the Rule of 6, the extra enforcement of self-isolation, the rules en masse and so on — all the stuff that has come in, we’ll see whether that starts to work in in driving down the virus. But you know, this is all very much in our hands. I went to see the scientists at Oxford at the Edward Jenner Institute, the AstraZeneca team. Incredible what they’re doing. You really feel that they must be on the verge of it. But, you know, it’s got to be properly tested. It’s got to be properly validated, and we’re not there yet. Obviously, if and when we get a vaccine then the crucial thing will be to ensure that we have sufficient supplies in this country that we’re able to make it in this country, distribute it fast in this country. And clearly, the priority for a vaccine will be as I think Kate Bingham among others have said, will be those who are the most vulnerable groups.